Hellenic Medical Supplies

Controlled High Purity Area | Clean Room

Hellenic Medical Supplies was founded in the summer of 2020 by Ilias Hatziefraimidis and his associates, experienced and renowned professionals in the field of medical equipment, medical consumables and orthopedic items.
The new business scheme entered the field of production of disposable surgical masks, to contribute to the effort of the autonomy of the Greek market in consumable medical devices.

The business activity takes place in the new, modern facilities of the company in Xanthi and the construction of the masks takes place in the specially designed High Purity Controlled Area | Clean Room, which was designed, constructed and operated in such a way as to control the introduction, production and retention of particles in it and to meet the requirements of purity standards and controls for the production of medical devices (Ι/Π | MD).

Hellenic Medical Supplies produces exclusively surgical disposable face masks Type II which comply with the European standard ΕΝ 14683:2019 and according to standard, Type II BFE ≥98% masks filter bacteria at a rate of ≥98%.
They are mainly intended for use by health professionals in operating rooms or other medical work with similar requirements, but also for use by patients, other professionals or citizens during the performance of their professional activities and social interactions to reduce the risk of spreading infections. especially in epidemic or pandemic situations.

In addition, Hellenic Medical Supplies masks are three-layer (non woven fabrics and meltblown filter), hypoallergenic, have soft elastic cords for easy support in the ears, soft plastic plate for comfortable support on the nose and each mask bears the mark of authenticity masks.gr, which at the same time guides the user in its correct application on his face. They are available in the market in paper packaging of 50 and 20 pieces, which brings the appropriate marking of their use and storage.

The productive capacity of the company exceeds 2,000,000 masks / month and its goal is to sell its products in the Greek and international markets through the sales networks of medical technology and related products and through the online store of masks.gr

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